Note: Some Android phones have an option to migrate their existing data to the new phone, in that case they may have Lemmings automatically downloaded, and their progress wherever left off initially.

1. The Player must have played Lemmings and have some progress. While playing the game, they will get the "Save your progress" pop-up, which tells the player to log in to GooglePlay Games .

2. Log in to GooglePlayGames, under Settings, to save progress - If there is no GooglePlayGames profile the phone will guide you through making one on the spot.

3. Download Lemmings from the App Store on the new phone.

4. Play through the beginning FTUE levels.

5. Once finished with the four tutorial levels, go to the Settings menu and select "Sign in to Google Play" at the bottom.

6. The game will now present the player with the choice to import their GooglePlayGames save file or to keep their local save - Details are provided for both options.

7.If the player picks their GooglePlayGames save file, this save will now be imported and the player will resume playing Lemmings from where they originally left off on the old device. This option MUST be selected to load the save game.