Boosters can be used to help you solve difficult levels or gain some advantages when playing them. You can get boosters by purchasing them in the store with gold, as prizes in Spins or Chests, or as part of a premium bundle.


You can select any booster in your inventory before each level.

In the level start popup you can see your inventory of boosters.

  • Tap on the boosters you want to equip.

  • Tap on the boosters again to de-equip them.

  • Press Let’s go to start the level with the selected boosters.


Trap Disable

Trap Disable Icon

Disables one trap of the level selected randomly.

Insurance policy

Insurance Policy Icon

Returns the energy spent at the end of the level if the player fails.

Unlimited Instructions (Dig / Staircase / Block / Umbrella)

Unlimited dig icon

Free stairs icon

Free blocker icon

Unlimited umbrella icon

Use as many instructions as you want without energy spent for the selected type.

2x Lemmings

2x Lemmings

Doubles the lemmings saved in the level.

Valuable Lemmings

Valuable Lemmings Icon

Adds 10 gold to your wallet for each lemming saved.